Kinesis Crosslight project

Welcome to my blog and thank you for stopping by.┬áThis first post is looking at my latest bike project. I love upcyling and refurbishing bikes and this Kinesis Crosslight 4T makes for a great project. Often I go looking on ebay or Facebook for a reasionably priced frame or compete bike and this is perfect for what I want. There’s a little work to be done in terms of replacing the shifters. Currently it has an old Ultegra 10 speed paired with a 105 5600. I’ve decided to take these both off and replace with a pair of 10 speed Tiagra shifters, which should work well.

As always, I’ll replace all cables, index the gears nicely and make sure that the bike is running smoothly. For a cross bike, this is remarkably light, even with some 35c tyres on it, but I think this has been helped by the 105 drivetrain, which does take away some of the weight.

I do like the Kinesis frames – they are well built and the geometry is comfortable without being too racy. I’ll report back when this is finished and hopefully I may even get out for a ride this weekend – beyond test riding this Crosslight, too, I hope!

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